Yet another KDE troll

Désolé, mais je hais vraiment ce nouveau menu . Je n’aime que la petite boîte de recherche en haut. J’espère qu’il sera possible de retrouver le menu de KDE 3.5 .

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4 Réponses to “Yet another KDE troll”

  1. FACORAT Fabrice Says:

    Me at the contrary I like it 🙂

  2. Jure Repinc Says:

    I can’t decide yet. It looks nice but I would have to try it out and see how it works and feels.

  3. yoho Says:

    I should have developed a little bit more but I didn’t want to start a war 🙂

    Basically, the goal is to hide things as much as possible in this « all purposes » menu. I find it pointless : if you hide things, you tend to forget where they are and it requires one more click (or movement) to do basic things. I would have prefered 5 menus on the kicker dashboard (you can achieve this using KDE 3.X) rather than one menu hiding 5 sub-menus…

    For instance, realize how many time you will loose moving your mouse when you try to log off or shut down comparing with KDE 3.X.

    Here’s a link to a website dealing with this problem. I find it horribly difficult to navigate through it :

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